Setting a new standard in the recruitment industry
Given that employees form the primary strength of any organisation, a robust recruitment strategy is crucial. Drawing on our experience in the accounting & finance, and information technology fields, AWCA Human Capital adds value to this process with a thorough candidate screening programme that takes relevant skills, technical comfort levels, motivations, culture fit and compliance into account. We can tailor this to suit clients’ specific requirements.
Our story
In response to the challenge of securing the services of appropriately skilled employees, AWCA Human Capital was established in 2010 as a boutique information technology consultancy with the mission of providing exceptional IT resources to both local and global clients.
We have used this experience in the competitive IT sector to expand our offering and methodologies to the accounting & finance field. Each team is led by skilled professionals with several years experience in either IT, or accounting & finance.
Today, AWCA Human Capital is a 51% black women owned entity. Our B-BBEE partner is AIH Northwind Holdings, a joint venture between AWCA Investment Holdings and Northwind Capital. The shareholders of AWCA Investment Holdings are 54 black women chartered accountants who are captains of industry. Ten percent (10%) of the economic interest of AIH is held by the African Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA), a section 21 company, with a membership of approximately 3,000 black women chartered accountants.
What makes us different?
  • AWCA Human Capital finds, develops & nurtures talent
  • Extensive database of high-calibre candidates, including the African Woman Chartered Accountants (AWCA) members
  • We place cultural fit on the same level as experience
  • You receive cash back (not credit) in the case of early termination
  • We build genuine relationships with our client and candidates
  • Recorded technical interviews on client request
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