1st contact is a financial and immigration services provider with 300000 clients, £25 million in annual sales and offices in the uk, australia and sa. its key success factor is its use of technology for competitive advantage.
A Kube client from the outset, project highlights achieved for 1st Contact over the years include:
1. We designed and developed 1st Contact's transaction-based, Tax Refund website back-end that allows users to progress clients through an exhaustive workflow. Among other benefits, this process results in a PDF tax refund that can be automatically sent to HM Revenue and Customs (UK). The system also captures and processes payments, manages correspondence, data and document storage and produces management reports.
2. We developed and support 1st Contact's web-based, Foreign Exchange service, which includes operational software, e-commerce and back-end development. This solution facilitates 7 000 transactions per month.
3. We developed the company's Group Secure website in ASP.net with a SQL Server database and enabled it for e-commerce. This solution provides a singular view of the client across the firm.
4. We implemented and support a Microsoft CRM solution for the Visa and Accounting divisions. It is, among other things, a central repository, makes payments and runs many processes driven by workflows. We integrated the solution with a legacy system (via back-end processes), as well as with a newer system (via web services). Extensive customisation keeps both systems up-to-date.